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                Shifeng Culture won applause in the 2015 Guangzhou Exhibition

                “The Crashing Cars, authorized by Rock Kingdom, give people a good opportunity to have some parent-children interactions. During the game, if the steel ball falls into the hole, then the car will be automatically cut off, which means that the player has lost this round.” An employee from Rock Kingdom is explaining to players in the exhibition, “The Crashing Cars adds competition into the game, which makes the parent-children interaction more fun.”

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                Shifeng Culture released its cool remote control cars in 2015 Guangzhou International Toy Exhibition

                “These remote control cars are all terrain vehicles? That’s really cool. I’d like to know how they could shift on water! ” A young player is quite interested in the three newly released cars and he just couldn’t help playing with them! In the 27th Guanzhou International Toy Exhibition, Shifeng has put forward some hardware: Smart Dog—a voice control toy, and three remote control cars. Quite a few audiences are attracted to Shifeng’s booth.

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                Three Kingdoms is on sale! The web game market is a blue ocean

                Three Kingdoms is one of the hottest web games this year and it will be on sale by the end of this months. Its offline version inherits the original style, characters and battle system. Through playing Three Kingdoms face to face, people can have more fun out of it.

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                Have a magical childhood! Shifeng Culture has publicized a series of toys in Rock Kingdom

                Every man, no matter how old he is, must have a magic complexity from his childhood. The good news is, Tencent has recently authorized Shifeng Culture to publicize a series of toys in Rock Kingdom, including Rolling Ball, Gum System and Battle Bumper Car. In this way, even an adult can experience the excitement of battle fight in Rock Kingdom. And this time, the battle is going on in the real world!

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                SpongeBob and Shifeng Culture co-launched a new card game: Happy Flipping

                The famous American animation SpongeBob has recently authorized Shifeng Culture to launch a new product called Happy Flipping. The characters in SpongeBob were put into a card game, which is quite unique in the market.

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