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                Home > Honors >

                Awards collected during the past two decades.

                Shifeng has been awarded “Trustworthy Enterprise”, “Honorable Tax Payer”, “Advanced Private Enterprise”, “Great Management Enterprise”, “Honesty Enterprise”, “Full-qualified Enterprise”, “Intellectual Property Owned Enterprise”, “Core Enterprise in National Torch Program”. In Guangzhou, Shifeng has been honored with “Famous Brand Enterprise”, “High Quality Product Company”, “High-tech Enterprise” and “Advanced Private High-tech Enterprise”. Shifeng has been wholeheartedly devoted to public welfare work, social charity and supporting educational industry.

                Core Enterprise in National Torch Program for Creative Toy Design and Production, Chenghai, Shantou
                Chenghai Harmonious Enterprise
                Intellectual Property Owned Enterprise
                Great Management Enterprise in 2012
                Trustworthy Enterprise of Guangdong Province
                Supportive of Rural Education
                Famous Brand in 2008
                Silver Medal in “Chuang Xing” Educational Competition in 2009
                Bronze Medal in “Chuang Xing” Educational Competition in 2012
                Honesty Enterprise in 2012
                Top 500 Chinese Brand
                Top 10 Most Influential Toy Brand in China
                Featured Enterprise in Shantou Export Industry
                2012 Honesty Tax Payer in Chenghai District
                Harmonious Employee-Employer Relationship Enterprise in 2012
                Business memorabilia