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                Home > Company culture >


                Honesty is the cornerstone of our company and we believe in our capability to create a prosperous future


                We are competing for the best in toy industry and striving to maintain our honesty. Quality is the core of our product manufacturing and innovation is the spirit of our company. We are confident of spreading our brand to the globe.

                Shifeng Toys: Making Visual Characters Real


                Shifeng bears the mission of being the first-class enterprise in the world. We are devoted to contributing to the world toy industry and writing a new chapter in Chinese manufacturing industry£¡


                Management Philosophy

                ¡¾Research and Development Center¡¿

                Internationalized ideas and world-class technology is the goal of our R&D center. We are trying to develop trend-leading, fun and consumer-friendly toys. Our innovative and professional team is devoted to satisfying consumers¡¯ needs and expanding our share in the market.

                ¡¾Manufacturing Center¡¿

                Our manufacturing center has imported world-class equipments, established a static painting workshop and adopted advanced manufacture techniques. We bears zero tolerance for product defections and exercises international quality standards to ensure the safety and quality of each product.

                ¡¾Marketing Center¡¿

                Our marketing center connects media with terminal marketing, develops a multi-faceted marketing channel and tries to optimize our client management system. We have established our subsidiary companies in Shen Zhen and Hong Kong to actively expand our share in the market. Our marketing center sets the goal on globalization. We are striving to become the biggest toy seller in the main cities in China and spread our brand to countries in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.