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                Home > Company Profile >
                Shifeng Culture Company, Ltd. was established in 1992. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shantou, Guangzhou and has the reputation of ¡°trustworthy enterprise¡± ¡°famous enterprise in Guangzhou¡± ¡°influential brand in China¡± and ¡°China's 500 most valuable brands¡±. Shifeng is also one of the core enterprises in the Nation Torch Program. Shifeng connects toys with high technology and local cultures and transforms online game characters into toy models. Through constant innovation, global-wide marketing network, first-class products and advanced management, Shifeng has become a reputable cultural and creative enterprise.
                Shifeng has two wholly-owned subsidiary companies. SUNFUN £¨HK£© INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD specializes in international trade and Shifeng (Shenzhen) Internet Technology Limited focuses on the development of cultural industry in China. Shifeng has over 1000 employees and covers an area of over 40000 square meters.
                Thanks to our professional talents and excellent cultural products, Shifeng has made its reputation in the society and won the recognition from its clients. The company¡¯s far-sighted management team, hard-working employees and supportive clients have contributed to the success of Shifeng in product development, manufacture, marketing and cultural spreading.

                ¡¾Culture and Creation¡¿
                Shifeng focuses on the connection between toy and cultural innovation and combines culture with high technology. Shifeng spares no effort in investing in the research and development and emphasizes the industrialization of research results. Shifeng has successfully developed a mature business structure that includes the development of online video games and the transformation from online game characters into toy models. Shifeng is now leading the wave of cultural industry upgrading, developing its own online games and has gained 110 national patents. As a time-honored enterprise, Shifeng has won the attention from the government and will surely contribute to the development of Chinese cultural industry.
                ¡¾Brand Communication¡¿
                Shifeng has been devoted to optimizing consumer experience and maintaining a good public image. Its ultimate goal is to spread the brand in the global. With the help of the Internet, video websites, TV and industrial exhibitions, Shifeng is spreading its brand through multi-faceted platforms. In the meantime, Shifeng has been developing its terminal image exhibition area to better consumer experience. Shifeng will continue to invest in the research and development of product and innovate on the marketing methods to help consumers know more about our company.
                ¡¾Development Strategy¡¿
                Shifeng bears the mission of being the first-class enterprise in the world. In order to enhance company¡¯s advantages in R&D, marketing network, quality management and brand development, Shifeng believes in the significance of product quality and innovates on technology, management and company system. Shifeng connects toys with high technology and local cultures. In this way, Shifeng hopes to increase its competence in the toy industry and eventually become one of the most creative toy companies.