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                Home > Comllections >Smart >The Monkey king robot

                Adopting the intelligent voice technology, to achieve intelligent voice interaction, sophisticated mechanical design, performing fantastic action, rich story plot setting, create more enjoyable scenes.


                ¡¾ Eight kinds of intelligent models ¡¿

                Monkey king will do whatever the master require, only need to send out the voice order; implanted in with human feelings, the Quiz Show tells its extraordinary wisdom; with special gesture tracking recognition technology, by means of gesture, Monkey king will be guided to forward, backward, towards to the left and right; due to the advanced gyroscope self-balancing technology, when doing the slide, 360¡ãrotation, and other stunts, the Monkey king still can maintain a stable posture; in the patrol scene as a guard, Monkey king can roam freely or keep away from the barrier flexibly; in the artistic model, Monkey king will dance with different music rhythms; set as loading performance, Monkey king will help the master send out all kinds of gifts, which becomes a intimate housekeeper; in the ultimate battle, as a winning Buddha, Monkey king opens the fighting model, filling a master style.

                Please visit the video, Smart Cat will bring you more wonderful and enjoyable moment!


                ¡¾Description of product¡¿

                Suitable age: 6+

                Product model£ºSF21550